Start Again

The Story of Marriage ~ John & Lisa Bevere

WEEK SIX ~ Blog by Rachelle M. Smith

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis 

– Margaret Bonanno

imageThroughout the series of The Story of Marriage my blogs have been focusing on the original plan as well as building a blue print for your marriage. Written by both John and Lisa Bevere they reiterate the importance using a nautical metaphor that by clearing the decks within our relationships we are bound for smoother sailing or able to tackle those stronger seas together. We read how there is only one effective method for building a healthy marriage through the secret of serving your spouse, as well as looked at the topic of intimacy through Gods eyes.

The final chapter on John & Lisa’s teaching on marriage shares the journey throughout the book where our marriage is likened to a tree. For example, when the soil around a tree is compacted, its roots become solid and bound, they are unable to spread out to receive the water and nutrients the tree needs to flourish. The first five blogs highlighted signs to help reinvigorate the soil. By removing the debilitating and destructive effects of offence, fear, and selfishness you have aerated your roots. Because you had a dream…you chose to dream and establish values, roles and goals, you should see the promise of hope on your branches and leaves as well as the treasures for your future.

God doesn’t simply renovate the past. He makes all things new. I know this from personal experience. The fruitfulness, effectiveness, and fulfillment God can bring to you individually and to your marriage go far beyond anything you can comprehend. Think about it…He took the trees of Eden, those marked of our personal downfall and reinvented them. He stretched out His one and only Son across a tree of death so He could welcome each of us into His eternal city, home of the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of all nations.

God wants to deepen your intimacy and extend your influence so that your union establishes the reflection of His mighty kingdom here on earth.

He renews all things so that we can begin again.

I personally recommend this marriage course, it’s “food” for your relationship, something our hearts cry out for. You don’t require ‘issues’ to attend a marriage course. The Story of Marriage gave both my husband and I peace of mind in every chapter. No marriage is perfect and great marriages don’t just happen. Christian adventurer Bear Grills shares thoughts on marriage from his blog by writing: “if you ever think the grass is greener  on the other side of the hill…it’s time to start watering your own.” The best advise they got at their wedding was “Never stop holding hands.”



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