Rachelle M Smith

May 25, 2016

The Story of Marriage ~ John & Lisa Bevere

WEEK 5: Blog by Rachelle M. Smith

image.jpegIn this session, John & Lisa speak about the topic of Intimacy. They reveal in chapter five of their book tilted “The Story of Marriage” how scripture is not at all shy in describing God’s plans for making love (sex). In fact in the twenty-second book of Song of Solomon it reveals to us a collection of Hebrew love poems that are so explicit and erotic in language, young Jewish boys were forbidden from reading this text in an attempt to keep their thoughts pure. This was also extended to the young girls in the community. Today, modern couples get excited…even blush when the content of this love is taken in and understood. This book gives us a far deeper understanding and greater picture of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

For example: the joys, the struggles as well as the complications, it’s almost as if the life that this couple is exploring has a life of its own. The woman says several times “Do not stir up nor or awaken love until it pleases.” It’s almost as if she saying ” this love is so good, it’s so beautiful, I don’t want to mess this up.”

Unlike many of us, God is not ashamed of sex. He delights in its beauty and celebrates its whole purpose. God wants to be intimately involved in our INTIMACY.

Intimate sex within a marital relationship is not just good…its permissible.

Sex is like hitting a relational refresh button, so it is not surprising that Scripture often uses Aqua (water) as a metaphor for sexual pleasure and fulfilment.  Aqua is essential to the continuation of life as it provides refreshment and vitality.

Did you know…that sex is good for your health? Not only does it boost your immune system, it helps to maintain a healthy weight, lowers your blood pressure, reduces pain, and lowers the risk of heart problems – just to highlight a few.

Both John & Lisa highlight points of open discussion for example, if there’s a problem in your marriage, it will show up in your bed first. Reduced passion in your marriage bed will only result in signs that there are other issues…not poor sexual performance. Hidden problems rise and manifest in places of vulnerability, and we are never more vulnerable than in the moments of sexual intimacy.

Clearly God is not a prude. He created the sexual organs and is not embarrassed by their functions. He made sex and hard wired its sensations. Remember our pleasures are His delight. God doesn’t want to curtail, meaning He doesn’t want to reduce, cut off, lesson or decrease our sexual desires, instead He wants to sanctify them.



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